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food plates served at the hotel gif of breakfast at the ivy hotel lobby entrance The city with tall buildings at sunset with lots of pink and orange colors in the sky. A businessman walking down the sidewalk with his phone in one hand and his luggage in the other hand. sky terrace with umbreallas A woman cutting a pancake topped with fruit and a cappucino. ivy tambo elevated rooms horizontal lr 1 A room with sheer gray curtains and a bright purple velvet chair. exterior video of ivy hotel two queen beds ballroom spaces at the ivy hotel A woman talking a picture of the buildings with her cellphone at sunset. A hallway with low lighting and artwork on the walls. sky terrace with couches and a view A large bed with two bright lights on each side. slippers, suitcase, and a hat in the hotel room A bartender pouring liquid into a jigger. wine and cheese on a board A panoramic view of a large boat in the water with tall buildings on the left and the right. A man wearing a suit walking on a sidewalk with a phone in his hand and cars passing by on the street. ivy 2022 sky terrace detail 17 edit hr 4 ballroom in the hotel A room with two beds and lots of lighting. Outdoor bar with stools and the sun shining. The sun setting while friends are clinking wine glasses outdoors. A bartender pouring champagne into a flute. A bar with chandeliers hanging over it and a flat panel tv. A bunch of people outside on a terrace with a tall red drink sitting on the armrest of an outdoor couch. Two coffees and a cinnamon roll on a small wooden round table. A waterway with a large yellow boat in it and tall buildings to the left and to the right. A small pink cocktail outdoors with the sun setting in the distance. Close up of chicken skewers. People talking at an outdoor area with the sun setting. A low lit dining room with chandeliers hanging above and lots of tables set for dinner. A group of smiling friends drinking cocktails at the bar with low lighting. Close up of appetizers with toothpicks in them. A bride and groom holding hands and looking at each other outside with the water behind them. The low lit area near the elevators. A woman sitting on a bed with her luggage in one hand and looking at her phone in the other hand. A walkway near the water and road with tall buildings at dusk. champagne in hotel room book and cocktail on the couch orange cocktail